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This page is dedicated to communicate Corona-virus (COVID-19) information and discussion on health, community and advocacy specifically to the LGBTIQ+ community and people living with HIV both communities and organizations. follow our social media accounts for notifications, posts and videos.

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This forum is dedicated to open discussions on Community Engagement, Public Health and other related topics. The aim of the forum is to communicate information and create a digital support hub for the LGBTIQ+ community in the region. Join the Forum for more details.

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Tips from a previous generation

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Fast travels and easy transportation have made our world smaller than ever before. Covid-19 was able to spread throughout the world causing fear and panic in many countries, forcing them…

Call for applications for COVID-19 relief

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The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and M-Coalition express their solidarity with their networks and partners across the Middle East and North African Region & internationally; this COVID-19 pandemic…

Growing plants at home

| Covid-19 | No Comments
With some people having surpassed 60 days in lockdown, finding creative activities to fight boredom can be challenging. Probably, one of the most soothing and rewarding activities is growing plants.…

A message from a volunteer at Tayf

| Covid-19, News | No Comments
I was 12 the first time my family received a food box. Something felt bizarre about seeing a stranger give us food. I was born in a humble family, but…

Teeth grinding

| Covid-19 | No Comments
Teeth grinding or bruxism, is a condition that mostly occurs in adults and children when they are sleeping or resting, which is why individuals are often unaware of its presence.…

The Price of confinement

| Covid-19 | No Comments
The impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQI+ refugees’ community in Lebanon Since early March 2020, several Lebanese municipalities implemented curfews that restrict the movement of Syrian refugees to specific times, citing…

Mental Health for LGBTIQ+ during lock-down

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The Coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise. Governments and health experts are rushing to find solutions while pushing for social distancing and lock-down to prevent its spread. Being under…

Texting and Sexting during Quarantine

| Covid-19 | No Comments
While we are all stuck at home and mostly alone, we have our sexual needs. They are no secret and there is no no shame in it. We sometimes think…

LGBTIQ+ movies you must watch

| Covid-19 | No Comments
Below is a list of some LGBTIQ movies that you can enjoy while in self-quarantine at home. Remember, social distancing and staying home helps you and people around you stay…

How can we protect our skin from eczema?

| Covid-19 | No Comments
Home soap and sterilization hand gel may expose the skin to allergies and eczema due to frequent use and cleaning. We might suffer from Eczema due to the need of…

The impact of COVID-19 on PLHIV

| Covid-19 | No Comments
Studies have shown that the Corona Virus is not equally dangerous to everyone, older people and those with long-term illnesses and or respiratory ones are more at risk of a…

COVID-19 & LGBTIQ communities

| Covid-19 | No Comments
Since the outbreak of the Corona-virus (COVID-19), many studies have been carried out to identify the level of vulnerability and risk that different populations might be subject to, more specifically…