The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality is launching the call for submissions of its yearly regional conference “NEDWA” that is being organized for the 7th consecutive year.


In 2013, The Arab foundation for Freedoms and Equality organized the first Alumni meeting, a yearly event originally organized in the context of the Social Change Program (SCP), and aimed to bring together the alumni of the SCP. After four years, the Alumni meeting evolved to become a regional space/conference on gender and sexuality in the MENA region. The conference aims to tackle thematic areas under the banner of gender and sexuality to highlight new research and bring to the forefront new topic areas and the latest debates both in academia and from the field. This will help not just AFE but also other groups and individuals understand the knowledge gaps and needs of the region in terms of research, information and advocacy. The conference will also serve as a Networking space creating the opportunity for individuals from around the region and working on the region to come together and build relationships and explore partnerships.

NEDWA 2019

Within a growing landscape of movements for sexuality, gender and bodily rights in the MENA region, we are pleased to present NEDWA’s theme for 2019: “Stronger Roots for Stronger Alliances”.

We believe that the basis of any strong movement lies in its roots. NEDWA will be drawing from the MENA region’s successes and best practices to feed into our movements’ resilience, protective mechanisms, collective care, and communal healing. Secure roots empower resilient and far-reaching branches through which the work can flourish and bear its fruits. Our branches are our alliances; they carry our voice and allow us to persist in the face of great adversity.

Conference Dates: 27, 28 and 29 September, 2019.

Pre- conference date: 26 September, 2019.

Location:  Will be announced to attendees upon acceptance.

This year, applications will be abstract based.

Abstracts can be used in a panel, workshop or posters. You could also be asked to work with someone who’s abstract falls under the same theme.

You may fill out the application in Arabic, English, or French. However, the spoken language during the conference will be Arabic
Deadline to submit the application: 09 June 2019
For further information, kindly email us at

In order to reach out for more people, NEDWA is introducing its new system:

Conference Packages:

  • 3 days conference access without accommodation 60USD/day including: Lunch, 2 coffee breaks and dinner.
  • 3 days conference access + 1 pre-conference day without accommodation 60USD/day including: Lunch, 2 coffee breaks and dinner.
  • Single room accommodation + breakfast 120 USD/day.
  • Twin room accommodation + breakfast 80 USD/day.

Once application is received, we will send the money transfer details.

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If you need to apply for partial or full scholarship, kindly click here to apply.

An accepted abstract does not guarantee the scholarship.

A look back at NEDWA 2019, AFE’s regional conference themed “Stronger roots for Stronger alliances” that took place in September 2019